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    Project Report of 300KWp Solar Photovoltaic
Roof top Power Plant


        Harnessing of non polluting renewable energy resources to control green house gases is receiving impetus from the government of India. The solar mission, which is part of the National Action Plan on Climate Change has been set up to promote the development and use of solar energy in for power generation and other uses with the ultimate objective of making solar energy competitive with fossil-based energy options. The solar photovoltaic device systems for power generation had been deployed in the various parts in the country for electrification where the grid connectivity is either not feasible or not cost effective as also some times in conjunction with diesel based generating stations in isolated places and communication transmitters at remote locations. With the downward trend in the cost of solar energy and appreciation for the need for development of solar power, solar power projects have recently been implemented. A significant part of the large potential of solar energy in the country could be developed by promoting grid connected solar photovoltaic power systems of varying sizes as per the need and affordability coupled with ensuring adequate return on investment. It has been proposed to set up a 300 KWp grid connected solar photovoltaic power plant on the roof top terrace of the Angadi Institute of Technology and Management, Belgaum. The 300 KWp SPV systems at roof-top of AITM, is estimated to afford annual energy generation of 450 MWh. The SPV system estimated to cost Rs. 240 lakhs would have a levelised tariff of Rs. 9.56 per kWh base on KERC norms.

   Impact and Benefits of Solar Energy.

       By reducing the need for fossil-fuel generation, grid-connected PV cuts greenhouse gas emissions (and other air pollution), because no emissions are produced during PV operation. In the past there has been concern about the greenhouse gases emitted (‘embodied’) in the manufacture of PV systems, particularly in the production of ultra-pure semiconductors. With current production techniques, these embodied greenhouse gases are saved within 0.7 to 2 years of use of grid-connected operation, depending on the amount of sunlight. PV is the easiest renewable electricity source to incorporate into buildings. The electricity is supplied at the point of use, thus avoiding the losses which occur in electricity distribution. It can be used at any scale – from less than 1 kWp on an individual home up to MWp scale systems on large public buildings – and is simple and reliable. Because of this, it is a valuable way to raise awareness of electricity supply and use, and helps highlight the potential for renewable energy. .

   Impact and Benefits of Solar Energy.


a). Name : Karnataka
b). Location : Belgaum
c). Name of : Angadi Institute of Technology & Building Management, Savagaon. Belgaum
d). Latitude : 15.847014,
e). Longitude : 74.473431

Area for SPV Rooftop Plant

a). Length : Total of > 3000sqm of area available on Level 4 & 5
b). Width      : Not Specified
c). Location : Terrace of Angadi Institute of Technology & Management, Savagaon. Belgaum (Level 4 & 5)

SPV Power Plant

a). Output    :  300kW
b). No. of modules : 1224
c). No. of modules in series : 24
d). No. of parallel combination : 51
e). DC BUS                 : 400A;
e). PV Module type                : Mono-Crystalline

Grid Connection Details

       Electrical parameter for interconnection - The output from 09nos of inverter is connected to a 12I/P, 2O/P LT Panel on the terrace. The output of this is coupled to the main LT panel of the building..

Annual Energy Generation

a). Annual Energy :

 4,50,000 Units


Cost Estimate

a). Estimated Cost (Rs.Lakh) :

INR 240

b). Cost per kW (Rs. Lakh) :

INR 0.80


Cost of Energy Generation

a). Levelised Tariff (Rs/kWh) :


b). Cost of Generation(Rs/kWh) :  


Construction Time

a). Construction Time : 3 Months


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